Monday, 23 March 2015

New updated intro

Well hello there blogger people! How are you all on this majorly sunny and cold Monday morning? 
An update to my previous post- that is now 5 years old! Oops 😬 I'm now 30 (31 this year) my bf is now my husband (suppose he had to really been together long enough haha) we have a gorgeous 4 year old and 2 rather unique dogs. I still cross-stitch and love crafting. I've tried setting up a business- Hippity Hope Designs making crafty bits and bobs but as yet it's only been a very minor success and is currently at a standstill. Hopefully one day I will make a proper success out of it! Our oldest is due to go seniors this year and our youngest to start Reception so I shall have school days to focus on my crafting and working on business. At the minute I am working on a stitch-a-long (sal) by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (FPS). They have had a year long sal for 2 years now, I participated in last years one and it was lush, some months were a bit too crowded but overall it looked amazing. I will be framing it and giving it to my youngest a nursery as she is our last baby so thought would do something nice. Her nursery teacher is the same lady as our oldest's first reception teacher there and she is just fantastic. 
Anyhow, back to this years sal, it's based on Classic Stories like Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. I was late to the party so am a few months behind now- eek. There is a new chart released for every month of the year and they are all to be placed in these gorgeous frames they have designed for every month. I will update them as I go along and hopefully will remember to post more than once every 5 years lol. 
I also do Zumba 3 times a week. I love it as it's loads of fun and I have over a stone to loose to be what society deems as acceptable. I have been stuck at this weight since before Xmas now so a bit fed up. I did a charity Zumbathon in aid of Alzheimer's and cancer research on Saturday, 3 hours of non-stop zumba, it was immense. I loved seeing all the different Zumba instructors and my wish is to one day be confident enough to get up on thy stage and do a routine (well giving if the instructor would want me too anyway lol) the instructor is lovely. She compliments me when I feel yucky, and yes I know it's her job to keep me going to her classes but with others there making me feel so rubbish at everything her kind words mean the world to me, meant or not. 
Well I will post my picture of where I am at with the FPS sal today and update from there. The fabric is by a UK shop called Crafty Kitten, it's 32count Murano opalescent fabric. The frames are done with America's Sampler Threads floss in Hobiscus, Daffodil, Mistletoe and Adobe. All other threads are DMC. Needleminder is from Sewandso though I do make my own as you will see in the future!
I hope whoever reads this will want to read more, though there will be good and bad posts too so if you don't like people with depression posting then this blog would not be for you!
Thanks for reading! Look after yourselves 💕

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hello to everyone out there,
My name is Hope Springs and I am a bit of a talker, mostly about rubbish admittedly, and I love the odd gossip and moan, but then what gal doesnt!
I do bits and bobs crafty wise, I cross-stitch, make cards, cushions and the like, though by no means am I a professional at it all, I do it for fun!
I love playing on my DSxl and am saving up for a PS3 at the minute so I can totally kill everyones earbuds with singstar and play really cool games like Bayonetta (which have got on my bf's console- XBox 360, so I neeeeed to get a better console!!) 
Erm, Im 26, not that that makes much of a difference what age I am but everyone normally puts things like their age, interests and all that on first blog so I wouldnt want to break a trend! I love films, but nothing scary as Im a huuuge wimp when it comes to scary films. Though I do love my comedy films, recently watched The Hangover - great film, and am also a big fan of the 3 main American Pie films. 
I hate big headed people, they are the type of people that dont need others as they love themselves enough for a whole room of other folk, yeah, they might be posh, rich etc, but I bet they are dead lonely really, or totally screwed up in the head lol.
I have a couple of piercing (3 in each ear and my nose) I used to have my tongue and navel pierced too but due to past relationships took them out, much to my regret now (especially the tongue one) though me now being a complete wimp to any sort of pain I would never get them re-done!! I have a couple of tattoos, some chinese writing on my spine, which although i love as it is my daughters name, I would like to have it covered and her name put on my arm next to my other tattoo of a heart with my bf's name in it. My list of the people I love most. Plus knowing me, my tattoo doesnt actually say my name, it might say 'chinese spare ribs' or ' my mum sucks lollys' or such like lol.
I love my music, though I dont get to listen to it as much as I used to - joys of having kids and a gamer for a bf lol. I love most types of music, classical soothe the soul, but cant beat a bit of rock or pop to get me singing - albeit out of tune lol. I really hate opera singing, it just does nothing for me apart from giving me major headaches, the only time a bloke should be singing like a girl is when he has been kicked in the privates!!
Yes I am slightly opinionated, but you know what? You dont like what I say - dont read it!!! No-ones forcing you!!
Well I have started to majorly ramble on, so I had better go, whats the betting once I puublish this I will remember a shed load of stuff I could of said!!
So see ya's laters all, and have a thoroughly wicked Sunday!!!