Sunday, 17 October 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hello to everyone out there,
My name is Hope Springs and I am a bit of a talker, mostly about rubbish admittedly, and I love the odd gossip and moan, but then what gal doesnt!
I do bits and bobs crafty wise, I cross-stitch, make cards, cushions and the like, though by no means am I a professional at it all, I do it for fun!
I love playing on my DSxl and am saving up for a PS3 at the minute so I can totally kill everyones earbuds with singstar and play really cool games like Bayonetta (which have got on my bf's console- XBox 360, so I neeeeed to get a better console!!) 
Erm, Im 26, not that that makes much of a difference what age I am but everyone normally puts things like their age, interests and all that on first blog so I wouldnt want to break a trend! I love films, but nothing scary as Im a huuuge wimp when it comes to scary films. Though I do love my comedy films, recently watched The Hangover - great film, and am also a big fan of the 3 main American Pie films. 
I hate big headed people, they are the type of people that dont need others as they love themselves enough for a whole room of other folk, yeah, they might be posh, rich etc, but I bet they are dead lonely really, or totally screwed up in the head lol.
I have a couple of piercing (3 in each ear and my nose) I used to have my tongue and navel pierced too but due to past relationships took them out, much to my regret now (especially the tongue one) though me now being a complete wimp to any sort of pain I would never get them re-done!! I have a couple of tattoos, some chinese writing on my spine, which although i love as it is my daughters name, I would like to have it covered and her name put on my arm next to my other tattoo of a heart with my bf's name in it. My list of the people I love most. Plus knowing me, my tattoo doesnt actually say my name, it might say 'chinese spare ribs' or ' my mum sucks lollys' or such like lol.
I love my music, though I dont get to listen to it as much as I used to - joys of having kids and a gamer for a bf lol. I love most types of music, classical soothe the soul, but cant beat a bit of rock or pop to get me singing - albeit out of tune lol. I really hate opera singing, it just does nothing for me apart from giving me major headaches, the only time a bloke should be singing like a girl is when he has been kicked in the privates!!
Yes I am slightly opinionated, but you know what? You dont like what I say - dont read it!!! No-ones forcing you!!
Well I have started to majorly ramble on, so I had better go, whats the betting once I puublish this I will remember a shed load of stuff I could of said!!
So see ya's laters all, and have a thoroughly wicked Sunday!!!